Dispense and Packaging


We have made a big effort to reduce and where possible remove single use plastics from our packaging.  There is always more that can be done but here are some changes we have made in the last 12 months:

    • All tapes are now made from biodegradable paper tape
    • Can boxes we have removed the tray and shrink wrap packaging and replaced these with kraft corrugated card which is fully recyclable and biodegradable
    • Bag in Box boxes are made from kraft corrugated card which is fully recyclable and biodegradable
    • Mail order wrapping, we have stopped wrapping parcels in plastic shrink wrap and instead we are using parcel paper made from recycled cardboard
    • Can and Bottle labels - We are in the process of transitioning all our labels to a wood film material which is by product of the paper making process
    • From 2021 we will only be purchasing pallet wrap made from fully biodegradable and recyclable materials

Draught Sparkling Cider

Uni Kegs (30L S-Type)
Through extensive testing we have settled on the Uni Keg by Lightweight Containers for our one-way keg option.

These are the most sustainable environmental one-way keg on the market. They are light enough to ship on our next day service, tough enough to withstand clumsy handling and will work with all dispense systems using 60/40 gas, exactly the same as a traditional steel keg.

  • Sankey (S-Type) coupler on all containers
  • Recyclable material
  • No cleaning chemicals required
  • 65% saving on transport

For more information visit these links:



Returnable Steel Kegs (30L and 50L)

These are available for local delivery in Kent or via a distributor please contact us for more information.

01227 250151

All our kegs are fitted with Sankey (S-Type) couplers.

Sparkling Draught Cider Dispense Info

The same info applies to both our Uni Kegs and Steel Kegs

 Occasionally special edition ciders may have a different specification but this will be sent with the keg.

 Item Value
Keg Storage Temperature 10-14°C (Cellar Temperature)
Coupler Type Sankey (S-Type)
Gas Type

Standard 60/40 dispense gas
(food grade 60% Carbon Dioxide / 40% Nitrogen)

Dispense Pressure  Secondary Regulator: 2 Bar / 30psi
Dispensing Temperature 5 - 7°C
Pouring time (Pint) 15 seconds (Adjust with flow controller)
Shelf Life Once Opened This will depend on your cellar hygiene and temperature, a well managed cellar can keep a keg in good condition for 4 weeks
Note Always use a food grade alcohol steriliser to spray the coupler and keg coupling when connecting a new keg or after cleaning


A note on gas pressure:  In a cold cellar that remains at 12°C all year around, 1.3 bar / 20psi would be sufficient but from experience, cellar temperatures vary significantly so we are recommending a higher pressure to allow for this.  If you have a particularly warm cellar you may need to increase the pressure to allow for this. 

 Bag In Box Cider

This is for serving draught still cider.
We use a double walled bag with a vitop tap.  These are fitted into our sturdy outer boxes.  

Bag In Boxes should be stored in the cellar and connected to a hand pull (cask pump) in a similar fashion to cask ales.  The only difference is the connection to the bag.  See details below.

Connecting Bag In Box Vitop Cider

One of the main issues with bag in box is that they are not served well.  Either too cold or more often than not too warm.


 Item Value
Storage Temperature
10-14°C (Cellar Temperature)
Dispense Temperature
10-14°C (Cellar Temperature)
Shelf Life Once Opened 4 weeks if stored correctly

The cider inside the bag has been pasteurised and therefore will only begin to spoil if contaminated yeast, bacteria or mould.  This is most likely to happen through connecting to dirty lines or if air or cider is allowed to travel back into the bag.

Always sanitise connectors and taps before connecting to maximise shelf life and quality.  Always fit a non return valve shortly after the tap connector as shown above.

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